01 - Mat Blitz

Mat is a naïve, oblivious, and lifelong underachiever who has held the same dead-end job for 15 years as a junior copywriter for a nameless conglomerate. Every day, he finds himself pulled in different directions as he deals with ridiculous situations and annoying co-workers.

Mat also has a complex personal life. He has recently separated from his spouse, is parenting his two precocious kids, is living in a dilapidated basement apartment, and dealing with a hostile roommate. On top of all that, he is navigating the unfamiliar territory of dating after a long-term marriage.


02 - Tret Larson

Tret is Mat’s roommate. They were best friends and lived together before Mat got married. He doesn’t particularly like Mat, but he feels a weird sense of loyalty to him. So, no matter how much Mat annoys him, Tret is always ready to take care of him. Nevertheless, he is quite vocal about how he feels about Mat and is always ready to point out his many faults.

03 - HRBOT-33

HRBOT-33 works at Mat’s company as a Human Resources Specialist. It is completely unqualified for the job, lacking the empathy and people skills needed to interact with its human co-workers. Its software is always being updated, which makes its behavior extremely unpredictable.

05 - Nate Blitz

Nate is Mat's son. He is a precocious 9-year-old boy who is smart and a little bit devious. He is always coming up with get rich quick schemes that always seems to cause his father's problems.  He is obsessed with Dungeons and Dragons and watching Japanese anime.

04 - Odie Odison

Odie is a Vice President at Mat’s company who prioritizes his own advancement over the well-being of his colleagues and the company. Despite his limited intelligence, he is skilled at deflecting blame and placing it on others. He is also a self-serving narcissist.

07 - Kate Pettigrew

Kate is a Senior Copy Writer. Mat and Kate have worked together for years.

06 - Abby Blitz

Abby is Mat’s pre-teen daughter. She is experiencing the typical difficulties of adolescence, including the first stirrings of boy craziness. She is curious and open-minded, but also naïve, which leads her to get wrapped up in Nate’s get-rich-quick schemes.